spring break

Happy Monday! For some of you reading, you are lounging around somewhere nice while on spring break. For others, you’ve endured college spring break (and survived) and now you are back to school, silently crying that you have to endure another two months of homework, papers and exams. So this post is dedicated to keeping the spring break memories alive and looking forward to summer, because let be honest, we all need another break already!

Over my spring break, I went home to visit family and friends. I also went to Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure! I’m a major Harry Potter fan so you can say I was “in my element” and spent most of my time there. I was also able to get a sneak peak of the new Jimmy Fallon ride that is opening up in April for all of the public. If you know and love anything about the Jimmy Fallon show, this ride is so worth it! Overall, my spring break was lovely!

When thinking of spring break, what is your dream vacationing spot?

magnolia hangs

It’s Monday afternoon and all I can think about is how  spring break can’t  come any faster! (Only one more week!) I’m taking today’s post back to a little mid weekday break I had last week. Being in a college town can definitely scream boring sometimes but lucky for me I go to a school that has apparently been placed high on peoples radar all thanks to HGTV show Fixer Upper. (If you don’t know, I go to school at Baylor University, if you don’t know the show, GO CHECK IT OUT) Last Thursday, I spent my afternoon with one of my best friends soaking up some hot Texas sun, seriously so  hot, and hanging out at Magnolia Market. Taking a mid-day break from school and work to spend time with friends is a great way to help de-stress from the hectic days that college students have. Magnolia is such a great place to grab some lunch from one of the many food trucks parked on the outside hangout area.



striped tee


shoes (similar)

necklace (similar)


t-shirt (similar)

plaid shirt (similar)



What are some ways that you destress from school or work?

obsessed right now.

February is finally here, the best month of all time! Okay, maybe I’m bias since it is my birthday month, but who doesn’t love their birthday month? I’m kicking of this month with a post about some of the things I’ve been (slightly) obsessing over recently.

  1. Vintage Band Tees: Like most college girls who run around in oversized t-shirts, I have a huge love for them. But I’ve recently been obsessing over vintage band shirts, oversized of course!  I think they give off such cool grunge style that I have always loved.
  2. Tommy Hilfiger: Maybe its because I’m obsessed with Gigi Hadid, but lately, I’ve been loving  all things Tommy Hilfiger. Sweatshirts, t-shirt, hats, I want them all!
  3. Shoes: For quite some time now, I’ve being craving a better shoe game. Of course that includes the hope of one day owning my own pair of Yeezys but hey a girl can dream right? Along with envying everyone who owns Yeezys, I’ve been loving the idea of a simplistic outfit with a great pair of patterned, heeled booties. They can pull an outfit together so perfectly and make it look edgy yet sophisticated.
  4. Sketching: This semester,  I am enrolled in a course called Fashion Illustration. I’ve always loved illustration, but until recently, I’ve never paid much attention to how cool it actually is and how much effort is put into the smallest details. To say my Pinterest board is covered in  illustrations now is an understatement!
  5. Gucci: Oh my, have I been obsessing over all things Gucci lately. Maybe I haven’t been paying much attention but to me Gucci has made a comeback to the industry. People, as well as myself,  have been obsessing over all things Gucci; fur slippers, vintage looking t-shirts, the new purse collections. I want it all! Sadly Gucci slippers cost a ridiculous amount of money so again, a girl can dream…

What are some of your obsessions this month?



Best of Twenty Sixteen // New Beginnings

Twenty-sixteen was a great year, despite what some may think or believe.  You see, I believe it’s all about perspective, if you look back at the year and only think of the negative things that occurred, naturally, you’re going to conclude it wasn’t a great year. Instead of looking at the bad that happened, and there was definitely some bad, I’m looking back at all the great times I had 2016. A year of memories with friends and family that can last a lifetime (cliche, I know).

With twenty-seventeen finally here, I am making my New Year resolutions, while some of them are the typical cliche resolutions: be healthier, work out more. I am vowing to not focus on so much negative but to always look at the positive in a situation. I plan to capture the great moments and not dwell on the negative. Of course there will be negative moments but no one has time to be bummed out for too long, it only brings you down so why let yourself stay bummed when you can turn a sad moment into a happy one. So here is to the kicking butt in the new year, let’s make it a good one!


A few memories of my favorite  from 2016.

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What was a favorite memory of yours from 2016?